Mini Donut Music Playgroup

Trial Class $265

 2-Month Group Class (8 lessons) 

 Languages: Chinese / English 

- The child must be accompanied by a parent.
- A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course.

 45 min/lesson 

 Tuition Fee: $265/lesson 

 Aged 2 – 3  

 Coverage of Syllabus

To better develop the sensitive growth periods of children, we provide diversified games and activities to enhance the abilities and to stimulate the potential of children.

The course is conducted by experienced music teachers and will be observed by a psychologist for at least one lesson.

Facilitate music sense by exposing to various tone and genre of music

Develop the sense of rhythm by singing and dancing

Enhance social skills by connecting others

Train up motor skills through pulse and games

Obtain vocabulary and expression skills through different activities

Master music knowledge, including notes and instruments, via interactive games